Thursday, August 16, 2012

part 3

Hey now. I have been hells busy. Bear with me. I'm bbqing. Forgive my typos. Do Dr Drew biotch azz trying to push up on me. I remind him of the loooonnng history we have. Long story short, I don't fall for the bs. The other women may be all in like that. Not me. And u and ur boy will not compare and contrast my stroke. Nope. He tried again two weeks later and I had to politely hurt this dude feelings. Was I wrong? Ill b more frequent with my posts. Its challenging to write a book that is worth your time and money. I love my city. I will not embarrass my city, nor myself. I want to put out quality work. Dr Drew was suppose to be my typist. I guess since no p***y is involved, he is straight. That's cool. I'm still not giving it up. Try the next one. Ill Holla. My fire is hot.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Temptation part 2

Ok. I am sitting and can go into detail about my lil anecdote. Do u have a beverage? Yes? Very good. It all started on fri pm. I made up in my mind that I was staying in to write. My homie calls; we will call him Dr Drew. He tells me he wants to hang. I say lets go to Floods in Greektown Detroit. He says "I hate Floods! Lets go to the casino." Long story short we end up at Floods. I get there first. He arrives, only to turn around to go back home due to his shirt not having a collar. By the time he makes it in, I am on my third coconut Ciroc cocktail, and I am having a ball! He buys the next round, pays for my dinner etc. I'm doing my thing just like he is. The dj announces last call, we head out. He tells me he took the people mover, will I drive him home. I oblige. We pull up to the gates, he signs us in. I pull up to the entrace and he says "Do you want to go by the water and talk?" Immediately my skin tingles. Its late. This feels like a set up. My mommy/OG just called and she is making dinner. Ill be back in a minute with the continuation. Enjoy ur evening all...


So, I mentioned that I have a friend thats attracted to me. He dated a friend, I dated his friend, ya know, college stuff. Now, I am not really close to either party, due to the fact that they noth dated/fucked a person that was close to me. I dont get down like that, cause I really dont want men in the same social circle cimparing my skills, if u get my drift. I explained my concerns to my homie, and we agree to resume our platonic friendship. All I wanted was fir him to type this damn book, and he wants to get freaky. Now ish is awkward between us. I just miss my boy....excuse my typio I am multi tasking today and everyday. But, was I wrong to turn him down. I guess I should give u mire details, its a good laugh...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jealous girl

Dont be jelly, and dont assume. Biotch. Tis all, see the rest of you Friday.


Good evening all. I have been very busy working on the novel, I am giving u all my best! Anywho, I want to ask u- would u date a friend of a former lover? What if that person was not only a friend of an ex lover, but they also dated a friend of yours? Would u go there? Ill share my story with u Friday PM, and explain how it tiesn with my novel.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Writing aint easy....

So, I am a normal girl from the land of the 313. Now mind you, my normal is most likely a bit diff from yours. Over the past eight years I have been penning a novel. As yet, I am not ready to share the particulars about my book. But, what I will share are my everyday experiences that I have w hile I am writing. Capisce?